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Shoreleave 1: Sentinel Refit 
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Post Re: Shoreleave 1: Sentinel Refit
<<USS Sentinel, Fielding’s Quarters, Shoreleave Day 25, 1205>>

Christopher Fielding (PNPC) was beginning to think that Fate had it out for him. In just under two weeks, he’d seen his entire life turned upside down, and all without so much as a by your leave. The dissolution of a yearlong relationship with the Trill of his dreams had been just the first in a series of unfortunate events. He was sure that Ria (NPC) was the one, but she had obviously felt differently. Nursing a wounded heart—and ego—after she had effectively written him off, just two days later his parents had informed him via message that they had decided to end their marriage of thirty-five years.

With his belief in love and soulmates now well and truly destroyed, Fate had decided to throw him yet another surprise when he had received word that he was being transferred and was due to ship out within three days. That in and of itself hadn’t been too bad—seeing his ex-girlfriend day in and day out would have been unpleasant, to say the least, and Christopher had almost convinced himself that he would be glad for a change of scenery. But that had been before the shuttle ride from hell.

Never, never again would he fly with an inexperienced Klingon pilot who obviously had a death wish. Christopher considered himself a talented and experienced Star Fleet Officer, and he had the recommendations to prove it, but after being flown straight through the remains of an asteroid field the Klingon had called a shortcut, he was almost sure that his dark hair was going to turn prematurely grey from the sheer stress of it all.

His life miraculously preserved despite the death-defying flight to DS3, Christopher had been willing to believe that the worst was over—until his luggage and all his belongings had been lost lost. He suspected the Klingon had had a hand in that; the shuttle pilot hadn’t been exactly pleased by Christopher’s, for lack of a better term, backseat driving. And now here he was, with nothing but the uniform on his back and an old PADD with his new orders, sitting on a ship that was the size of a matchbook compared to some of the other gorgeous vessels he’d served on.

Life was really, really unfair sometimes.

Somehow, some way, he was going to have to gather his wits about him once again. He was Christopher Fielding, an absolute legend back in his Academy days. If he couldn’t make the most of any given situation, then surely no one could. He’d forget about Ria—forget about the enormously expensive engagement ring he’d just purchased for her before she had unceremoniously dumped him—and leave his parents to sort out their personal lives themselves.

Straightening out his rumpled uniform, Christopher didn’t bother checking himself in the mirror of his minuscule bathroom. By this point, he wasn’t sure there was anything he could do to fix his appearance. A nice, hot shower would help things immensely, but at the moment, he was already late for his appointment to check in with his superior officer. Without a backward glance, he all but flew out of his quarters into the corridor, already wondering how long he’d have to stay aboard this model-sized ship before he could request a transfer back to something a little more exciting.

Not soon enough, as far as he was concerned.


Lieutenant JG Christopher Fielding (PNPC)
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USS Sentinel

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