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Tsereteli and Sen: Sen's introduction
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Author:  Tsereteli [ Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Tsereteli and Sen: Sen's introduction


<USS Sentinel, XOs Office, July 17th 2385 10:25>

For all his reputed strategic brilliance and logistic skills Erik Tsereteli could not seem to get a firm grasp on his new office's storage allocation. Captain Rentok had vacated the office not twenty four hours prior and what had been as pristine a workspace as any Vulcan domicile then had come to resemble the aftermath of the battle of Chin'toka. Erik had considered the possibility that he simply had too much for such a small space but how could that have been, he wondered, when Rentok had easily stuffed the room with twice the volume. Finally Erik threw up his hands and let out a sigh of frustration, the proud security officer had finally met his match.

It had not proven very difficult for Archana to find her way to the XO’s office. In fact, because the ship was so much smaller than she was used to, she had even arrived a few minutes earlier than planned. A little unsure about what to do with herself—a feeling that she was not very used to experiencing—Archana made her way along the corridor towards the office slowly, noticing only as she approached nearer that the door was actually open, with a large crate set on the floor keeping it from closing. Peering through the door, the empath could clearly see the man she supposed was the officer she was supposed to meet. He was tall and dark-haired, and although she could only see him from behind, she could easily tell that he cut a striking figure. It was just as well—she couldn’t stand a diminutive First Officer.

She barely stifled a laugh as the man vented his obvious frustration. She could both see it in his demeanor and sense it empathically. Clearing her throat, Archana stepped nearer to the door to make her presence known. “I don’t suppose you’d like some help?”

Erik froze in place having been reminded that the door was indeed still opened and turned to face the woman who's unfamiliar voice had caught him off guard. The young lady before him was unexpectedly attractive yet it wasn't her surface attributes that made the Commander think so, it was the way she carried herself, as if she had already settled in and felt right at home. Erik appreciated that kind of confidence and thinking back to the personnel profiles he had been studying he realized who it was that stood before him.

"You must be my replacement as head of Security," Erik wagered an educated guess, his expression light-hearted yet non-revealing. "Lieutenant Sen if I'm not mistaken."

“You’ve done your research,” Archana smiled, hoping that she wasn’t being too friendly. She had been correct in her original assessment; the Executive Officer truly was a striking man, and he certainly had the look of a true leader, something that she thought boded well for her new assignment. His accent was a familiar one as well—Russian or something very similar, if she wasn’t mistaken. “You have me at a disadvantage, I’m afraid,” she said with an apologetic smile. “I was given the name of the ship’s captain, but not its Executive Officer.” Quirking her head slightly to the side, her curiosity got the better of her, and she asked, “You’re Russian?”

"My apologies, Commander Erik Tsereteli," Erik introduced himself as he stepped around some clutter and straightened his uniform. He gestured for his new subordinate to enter before pulling the crate further into the room so that the doors could slide shut. "Georgian actually, but a good guess."

"A pleasure to meet you, Commander," she said as she entered the chaos that was his office. As to his accent, Russian wasn’t a good guess at all in her opinion, considering that she was a trained linguist and should have known better. Clearly she was getting a bit rusty in the languages department, a little matter that she was already planning to rectify shortly. She had been far too distracted as of late, her life in a near total upheaval as it was. It was time for her to return to the basics, and brushing up on her skills in languages was a good place to start.

"I'd offer you a seat but as you can see the chairs are buried at the moment," Erik mused with only a slight smirk as he retrieved a strategically placed PADD and brought up the Lieutenant's profile. "That being the case I'll try to make this brief; Lets go ahead and skip over your service record, I think we both know that you are more than qualified to run a tactical console. You were assigned to this post based on those qualifications and approved by the Captain for similar reasons. As you might have noticed on your way down here, the Sentinel isn't exactly a sprawling state ship, do you have any concerns about serving on a vessel such as this?"

“None whatsoever,” Archana responded unhesitatingly. She hadn’t really considered the difference in ship size as it pertained to her job, and frankly, she had had little preferences when she requested a transfer aside from landing an assignment that was far away from her last. “I don’t believe that the size of the ship makes much of a difference at all. My duty is to protect the ship and the crewmembers aboard it, and regardless of size or anything else, I take that responsibility very seriously.”

"I believe you," Erik replied sincerely but his expression suggested that he wasn't finished. Clasping his hands behind his back he continued, "however, I wasn't referring to your duty, I am well aware of your commitment to the fleet. I meant the social factors on a vessel this confined. If you are used to a variety of cultures and a variety of entertainment outlets you might find the atmosphere here slightly stifling. We try to make things as pleasant as we can but on the longer trips the walls can seem like their caving in to some."

He had a point, Archana mused to herself. Variety was something that she loved, something that gave life flavor and meaning. But was it truly a defining factor in her life and career? “I understand what you mean,” she said, looking away from Tsereteli as she gave the issue some real thought. It didn’t take her very long. One thought of the life and the man she'd left behind was all that it took. Her mind made up, she turned her dark-eyed gaze back to him to look him in the eyes. “I don’t think that it will be a problem, sir. You can see from my file that I have lived on a large ship before, very recently, in fact, and I did enjoy all that it had to offer. But the truth is, I'm not looking for a variety of entertainment outlets, as you put it. I think that something smaller—much smaller, in fact—would be a better fit for me now."

"Very well," Erik replied, accepting the young woman's self assessment. He wondered what it was that had changed in her life and had a pretty good idea that he knew the answer but felt it inappropriate to ask. "Do you have any questions about the ship, your position or anything else?"

If she were a lesser woman, Archana might have given a sigh of relief. As it was, she simply nodded at his acceptance, her air of confidence largely intact, and offered the commander a small but genuine smile. “Not at the moment, no,” she responded, “though I’m sure I’ll have plenty of them soon enough. I’m eager to settle in first, if that’s all right, Commander Tsereteli. It was a long trip here.”

"Of course," Erik nodded and extended his hand while guiding Archana to the door, following her out a step into the hall after they opened. "If you need anything don't hesitate to let me know, I'll probably be here still trying to sort out this mess."

Archana laughed as she accepted his hand and shook it. “Thank you, sir. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon one way or another.” He was, after all, the ship’s Executive Officer, and as of this moment, the only person she knew aboard the ship. With a small smirk, she added lightly, “The best of luck to you in there, Commander Tsereteli.” Their business concluded, Archana struck off in the direction she'd come, intent on finding her new quarters. The sooner she was unpacked, the sooner she'd feel like she was home again, and that was a feeling that she longed desperately to rediscover for herself.

Erik watched as the Lieutenant strode away until she was around the bend of the hall before turning back to his new office and letting out another quiet sigh. He silently cursed himself for not taking Sen up on her offer of help and resolved to do so the next time someone asked him that particular rhetorical question. Rolling up his sleeves he strode back into the room, it wasn't going to organize itself.


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