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Past turmoils 
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Post Past turmoils
Uss Orion

The request from command was simple on the way home pick up the rescued crew of the supply ship the USS Aster from SB14, only 8 of them had survived the shock attack but a rogue group of cardassians. The only mystery about it was why a supply ship was attacked.

It was at some point in the night just after leaving SB14 in a swift and silent operation three Orion crew were snatched.

Taylor woke in a dimly lit stone room with a pile of cushions and blankets in the corner; she could see two other people close by Ensign Mesha Collins and Cadet Robert Kahlera.

Suddenly the heavy door opened and two of the crew they had rescued walked in still in star fleet uniforms and grabbed Mesha dragging her out the door, one of them punched Taylor to the floor for trying to stop them. Taylor then realized that communicators were useless and phasers had been left behind on the Orion as there had been no need to be carrying one. Taylor and Rob tried to work out what was going on and where they might be and above all how they could get out.

A short time later the door opened and Mesha was propelled back into the room falling at Roberts’s feet with a thud. She looked up at them “ we are in trouble they want the current whereabouts of the CinC and our president and the details of earths security network and the security surrounding the CinC and president. As she spoke bruises began to show up on her face, hands and arms.

Every few hours one of them was dragged out of the room for a time and then thrown back with fresh bruises and the occasional broken bone. No one bothered to feed then only small scant glasses of water were left in the room twice a day.

On what they thought was the third day they took Mesha three times in a row, Taylor figured that being an ensign they thought she would crack first. On the third time she returned after hitting the floor she did not get up but crawled to her blanket in the corner and collapsed fighting to breathe. Taylor went to her aid but could do little her chest wall had been damaged and with out a sickbay Taylor was helpless, she cradled the young girl in her lap and with in hours Mesha had died,

Robert was next to fall foul to a beating that day returning bruised bloodied and with several broken bones. Taylor did what she could for him but it was too little he eventually slept from exhaustion however Taylor did not sleep that night out of fear. sure enough she was taken in the morning and when finally returned could not stand her right leg was badly broken as was her ribs and her arm.

She slid and crawled with Roberts help to her blanket, he helped her get a comfortable as she could and to drink her share of the water. Taylor must of passed out from either pain, hunger or exhaustion possibly even all three because she had no idea how long she had slept.

whimpering in pain she woke to the sound of the door and prayed hard that its was only to leave water. The foot steps this time were silent and she kept still. She saw Robert carried from the room and this was strange as he was moved carefully not like previous times. The steps came to her corner and she gasped. “ Taylor came a soft whisper Taylor is Commander T’khar Orion security relax you are going home.

Taylor could just make out the face and smiled as best she could but squealed as she was lifted due to her pain. She remembered nothing more that day.

Taylor woke and blinked at the bright light then remembered she thought she had seen a fellow crew member and tried to open her tired eyes.

“Easy take it slow” came a familiar voice. Taylor blinked again then focused on Natasha the CMO of the Orion. Taylor croaked as she spoke “ Misha and Robert? she said softly

Natasha bathed Taylors face “ Misha you already know about and Robert is asleep.

Taylor sighed and also winced “got any painkillers “ she mumbled. The after a few seconds “Anna where is Anna” She was now in full panic wanting her young daughter.


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