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Sentinel as Task Force Flagship
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Author:  Tsereteli [ Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Sentinel as Task Force Flagship

As many might have noticed on the news section of the Sentinel main site, effective October 23rd 2012 I was promoted to the rank of Commodore and made the Task Force Commanding Officer for Horizon Fleet's Task Force 22. I wanted to list a few of the ways that this will affect the Sentinel here and explain how Erik's promotion will work in character.

Erik's Promotion:
  • Erik has the rank of Commander at the start of mission 1 and will not receive his promotion in character until the conclusion of mission 1 and after we return to Deep Space 3.
  • In character, Erik will only be promoted officially to Captain and then receive a provisional rank of Commodore to establish his place in the task force chain of command.
  • The promotion and assignment will not directly affect his command of the Sentinel. The ships XO and a couple other characters will receive promotions to more appropriate ranks soon after.
  • The promotion will occur without much pomp and circumstance, in character the move is made for strategic reasons involving Erik's relation to various unfolding intel situations.

What this means for the Sentinel:
  • The USS Sentinel will become the Flagship for TF22. In character this will mean that Erik will conduct his fleet command duties from the Sentinel and in the case of major engagements of fleet ops he will lead from the Sentinel.
  • The USS Sentinel will be involved in fleet storyline often (we already have been from the start but this kinda seals the deal) as to expand upon the Horizon Fleet universe and perhaps to encourage through example, other ships to partake as well. Because as we will demonstrate, the storyline is super awesome...
  • Increased visibility for the Sentinel. I doubt we will get hoards of new members or anything but by defaults those looking around may happen upon our ship before others. I want to make good impressions through high quality posting.

That about sums up all of the important information, aside from the mentioned changes things will remain status quo for the Sentinel.

Until next time!

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