Welcome Aboard the USS Sentinel NCC-83680
While many Starfleet vessels are tasked with the exploration of deep space or the charting of unknown star systems there is a need closer to home for a first line of defense against the wills of criminals, madmen and tyrants. The USS Sentinel was the first of a new line of patrol vessels launched in 2383 and tasked with the tactical defense of Federation worlds in their patrol zones. Combining the maneuverability and compact hull of garrison vessels with the tactical armaments and expansive mission specifications of an explorer, the Sentinel class was born.

First commanded by Captain Brenda Weaver, the USS Sentinel was assigned to the Demilitarized zone and tasked with bringing stability to a region of space still reeling from the chaos brought by the dominion war. The Sentinel's former first officer Rentok of Vulcan inherited command of the ship three years into this mission and saw the job through to success. Re-tasked with the patrol of the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2387 the Sentinel continued to perform admirably under Rentok until command was passed again to the ship's former Tactical Officer Commander Erik Tsereteli in 2389. Still under the command of Tsereteli the USS Sentinel and it's crew continue to fulfill the roles of guardians, the defenders of the Federation - protecting it's citizens and upholding it's virtues.

Current Simm Year: 2390


When a puzzling distress call is received the newly assigned crew of the USS Sentinel are forced into an urgent journey beyond the Federation's border to ascertain the source. After being lured into the Taevon expanse the crew of the Sentinel find themselves in a game of cat and mouse with an unknown adversary, a game in which they must quickly become a team or risk losing everything.
Started: 18 Jan 2012