Personal logs should always be written in the first person narrative perspective. First Person Narrative

Mission posts should always be written in the third person omniscient perspective. Third person Omniscient

OFF Section: Any notes for a post should be contained in an OFF: section, either before the post begins or at the end. The CO may convey important information to the crew, or a crew member can note that a post is a Backpost, tag a fellow crew member, or note that the post was JP and include the names of the other authors.

ON Section: If you use an OFF: section before beginning your post, please then include ON: to signify the actual post is starting.

Post Header Every post should begin with a post header. It should contain the following: Location, Time, Mission Day. If there is any action taking place off the Babylon, please also include the overall location (USS Sentinel if you're still on the ship, or the Ship/Planet/Base name if you're elsewhere). For example:


Post Content All posts should be at least 250 words (in a JP, there should be 200 words per author). In your post you should be either developing your (or an NPC) character or accomplishing a task to move the plot along. If you're having trouble getting to 250 words, there are two possibilities: 1. Add more descriptive information. Describe the place you're in, the actions you're doing, or what the character is thinking/feeling. 2. You may need to JP rather than write a solo post. Sometimes to accomplish what you need to do it's best to work with another player in order to get a quality post and really help move things along.

In addition, please remember that when a character other than the current speaker or observer speaks, you should begin a new paragraph. Also, if the subject your character is observing/describing changes, a new paragraph should be started.

Signatures Each player should have a signature set up in the forum and should use that to "sign" their posts. If a JP is done, at the end of the post use an OFF:, note that it was a JP and list the signatures of the other JP authors - no need to include your own, as it will automatically be attached to the post via the forum. A basic signature should include:

Rank Character Name Position Ship Ship Registry

(Credit: Written by Captain Isabel Kersare (USS Malinche) and adapted for use on this site)